Advanced Fuel Containment System

The SURVICE-developed self-sealing fuel containment technology provides current and new fuel tank bladders and designs (including bladder and integral “wet wing” fuel containment systems) with a robust, lightweight, and easily integrated multi-hit solution to protect our warfighters.  The sealing reaction is completely self-contained and functions independent of fuel type or exposure to fuel or air.



  • Problem:  Currently available self-sealing technologies in military vehicles rely on a swelling reaction through the absorption of leaking fuel.  These fuel-dependent technologies are inherently limited and have not significantly improved since their inception in the 1940s.
  • Goal:  Develop a fuel-independent, self-contained, self-sealing fuel containment system/technology that can provide vehicle protection against the risk of catastrophic fire due to leaking fuel, as well as preserve the operational range of the vehicle.
  • Results:
    • Demonstrated a novel technology that uses a composite material with redundant and complementary mechanisms that ensure a reliable and robust seal after perforating threats.  Layers of high-elongation elastomer provide an immediate mechanical barricade to leaking fuel while liquid reactants between the elastomer layers mix and react to form a solid foam material that expands to seal the damaged area.
    • Demonstrated effectiveness against 12.7-mm and 14.5-mm armor-piercing incendiary (API) threats.
    • Patent pending


  • Replacement fuel tanks/bladders in a wide range of air, ground, sea, and fixed-site platforms

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Advanced Fuel Containment System

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