Advanced Fuel Containment System thumb

Advanced Fuel Containment System

The SURVICE-developed self-sealing fuel containment technology provides current and new fuel tank bladders and designs (including bladder and integral “wet wing” fuel containment systems) with a robust, lightweight, and easily integrated multi-hit solution to protect our warfighters.  The sealing reaction is completely self-contained and functions independent of fuel type or exposure to fuel or air.

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Composite Electronics Enclosure thumb

Composite Electronic Enclosure

Leveraging the strength-to-weight advantages of composite materials and unique manufacturing processes, SURVICE and partners Automated Dynamics Corporation (ADC) and National Technical Systems (NTS) have developed and tested a significantly lighter composite electronics enclosure that matches the radio frequency (RF) shielding protection and durability of current metallic enclosures, as well as incorporates an automated, more affordable fabrication process.

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Enhanced-CLR™ thumb


SURVICE’s Enhanced Coherent Laser Radar (E-CLR), originally developed for the Northrop Grumman F-35 center-fuselage assembly line, is one of the most accurate noncontact dimensional inspection tools in existence.  Under an Air Force research grant, SURVICE enhanced a standard Nikon CLR by integrating a professional-grade photogrammetry system with advanced computer-vision technology to create a fully autonomous and programmable metrology solution.

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Lightweight Composite Driveshaft thumb

Lightweight Composite Driveshaft

In support of the U.S. military’s ongoing critical need to make combat vehicles (particularly air systems) lighter while simultaneously maximizing their survivability and operational performance, SURVICE and partners Automated Dynamics Corporation (ADC) and Chesapeake Testing have developed and tested a ballistic-tolerant composite helicopter driveshaft that matches the performance of existing aluminum driveshafts at 15% less weight.

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