System safety means different things to different people. At SURVICE, we view each system safety issue as a series of intermediate steps or events—or links—that, when connected, form a chain of events that could ultimately result in a loss of function, loss of system, or loss of life. Our safety engineers are skilled in studying and understanding these links; how they connect; and, most importantly, how the chain can be broken before a critical loss occurs. We consider all aspects of risk, failure, mitigation, and recovery; and we provide a wide variety of safety-related products and services, including:

  • Safety Certification Data Packages, Trade Studies, Test Plans 
  • System Safety Fault Tree Analyses, and Program Strategies
  • Safety Critical Requirements Analyses
  • Preliminary Hazard Lists (PHL) and Analyses (PHA)
  • Subsystem Hazard Analyses (SSHA) and System Hazard Analyses (SHA)
  • Safety Assessment Reports (SAR)
  • Hazard Tracking Databases
  • Risk Acceptance Recommendations