LaserFX Screenshot

SURVICE is developing LaserFX, a set of tools used by the Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate (AFRL/RDLE) for the assessment of vulnerability to laser effects. LaserFX employs fast ray-tracing techniques, advanced physically based models for laser-material interaction, Monte-Carlo analysis, and interactive graphics to create one of the most advanced laser assessment tools in the world today.

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Advanced Ship Survivability Program (ASAP)

Zumwalt - U.S. Navy Photo

SURVICE provides weapon effects engineering and computer program development support for the Advanced Survivability Assessment Program (ASAP). Specifically, SURVICE supports the extension and modification of the ASAP, including development of and modifications to the target description files structure; as well as development of weapons effects algorithms and application modules to integrate into the ASAP. Most recently, ASAP has been used by the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Carderock Division (NSWC-CD) in performing vulnerability assessments for the Zumwalt Class destroyer, the Navy’s next-generation guided-missile destroyer.

MRAP Cougar CAT I A1 Engine

SURVICE Metrology performed this data collection using our SURVICE Reverse Engineering System (SRE) to develop a detailed Pro-Engineer engine model. The existing MRAP CAT I A1 geometry model required a detailed component level engine model to support various applications. The detailed engine can be used for space claim, blast analysis, vulnerability analysis, and other FEA applications.

CH-53K Vulnerability Analysis


This SURVICE project focused on the Vulnerability reduction of the CH-53K based on analysis of its structure, gearboxes, armor, fuel system, drive shafts, pitch rods, fire protection, hydraulic system, MR and TR servo actuators, and system separation and redundancy. This Vulnerability Analysis was completed using geometry conversion techniques, traditional data sets and discrete mission points. 

ARL WMRD Underbody Blast Work

SURVICE provides Modeling and Simulation (M&S), and Live Fire Vulnerability Testing (LFVT) support to the warfighter, increasing combat and tactical vehicle crew survivability with quantified knowledge of threat capabilities, and drastically reducing design cycle for retrofit, block modification and future vehicle improvised explosive device (IED) and mine protection. SURVICE constructs full-vehicle system Finite Element Models (FEMs) integrating vendor Computer Aided Design (CAD) data, field measurements, Hybrid III Dummy (H3D) occupant models and restraints, and accelerometers in support of the various customers/programs.