SeaPort Enhanced

SURVICE Engineering Company is a small business of approximately 400 employees headquartered in Belcamp, MD, providing the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and related customers with high-quality analytical products and services since 1981. We specialize in providing support for the design, development, testing, evaluation, and fielding of combat systems that are safe, survivable, and effective. Our experience includes system safety and survivability analyses and testing, weapon system effectiveness analysis and testing, and computer model and simulation development and support. On the basis of this experience, SURVICE was awarded a SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) prime contract (N00178-05-D4583) to provide support across all seven Geographic Zones and for all the Functional Areas listed in the Seaport-e Statement of Work (SOW). SURVICE and the Navy have had a long-standing working relationship. We have held either a prime contract or have been a key subcontractor to NAVAIR at Warminster, PA; Patuxent River, MD; and China Lake, CA; for 20 years and, during that period, have provided support either directly or indirectly to the Naval Surface Warfare Centers (NSWC) at Dahlgren and Carderock. In addition, SURVICE has supported the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) for the past 15 years, primarily with developments related to the services multiple ground vehicle programs. While we support many U.S. Navy organizations, SURVICE has a particularly strong corporate background supporting the naval aviation community. We have sought to strengthen our ability to perform a broader number of efforts for both NAVAIR and NAVSEA by developing a small-business-led SeaPort-e team with the goal of providing the SeaPort organizations with a depth and breadth of capabilities and ongoing experience to address requirements in all of the Functional Areas and across all of the Geographic Zones.

We have not developed our team as a "storefront" for our large business partners. Instead, we will compete on Virtual SYSCOM tasking across all the Functional Areas with SURVICE's specific depth of capabilities complemented by our team's breadth of capabilities as needed. Our team members include AMSEC, Anteon, BAE Systems, Jacobs Sverdrup, and Northrop Grumman.