SURVICE provides a single source for a wide range of integrated and specialized engineering and computer science services to the DoD and system developers/manufacturers. With our extensive, in-house engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, and technical writing resources, we are able to expand and supplement the breadth of our customers’ technical expertise. The core competencies that SURVICE has primarily used to support its customers—and that will be leveraged as needed to support the OASIS SB Project—include the following:

  • Systems Engineering - Supporting all phases of system research, development, testing, and evaluation.
  • Test and Evaluation - Assessing system design and operation through comprehensive, hands-on testing.
  • Modeling and Simulation - Simulating, predicting, and assessing real-world phenomena through advanced computer techniques.
  • Analysis - Understanding and using data paired with multiple analytical methods to form sound judgments and make useful recommendations.
  • Metrology - Employing state-of-the-art tools and methods to obtain high-accuracy measurements and models.
  • Applied Technology Solutions - Leveraging technologies and skills from across the company to understand customer needs and develop customized products and services.