SURVICE SeaPort-e Team Quality Assurance Policy

Ability To Monitor And Maximize Quality

Quality support and services are the cornerstones of SURVICE's business. Without quality products, delivered on time and within budget, customer satisfaction is greatly diminished and the likelihood of future work for that customer or perhaps other customers is seriously jeopardized. SURVICE takes quality extremely seriously and has a specific policy, Quality Control Assurance (SURVICE Policy 4.101), in effect to both educate and guide employees toward consistent customer satisfaction. This and other best practice policies are required reading for every new SURVICE employee and refresher reading for long-term employees. It not only conveys the importance of quality as an inherent element of the SURVICE culture, but it also contains procedures to ensure that the ability to produce quality products is maximized.

As stated in our policy, development of high-quality products is a process that starts from task inception and continues through product delivery. The policy includes the means to ensure that contract/task requirements are defined and understood, that the necessary resources are available to perform the work, and that products are adequately prepared and reviewed prior to delivery. Through the implementation of this policy by SURVICE management, task leaders, and task workers, we ensure a consistent and continual means of customer satisfaction.

Also, SURVICE maintains a quality review and satisfaction process as a best practice whereby customers are visited periodically by an independent consultant or SURVICE employee with whom the customer is familiar and comfortable. Through these exchanges, general and specific customer feedback on the working relationship and service provided is solicited. These visits provide insights to issues that may not have surfaced in other venues between SURVICE employees and the customer and provide valuable insights to improve quality on current and future taskings. In addition, SURVICE sends task feedback surveys to the customer as a best practice at the completion of every task to solicit input regarding the quality of the effort and ways in which we can improve on future tasks.