The main aspect of this investigation is the fast calculation of jet breakup from incoherent, shaped charge effects on targets.   Several examples are used to verify force protection with HK-APS.  The first example showed how SC3D can be used to estimate the rolled homogeneous armor (RHA) equivalence of a layered armor recipe against a shaped charge threat at standoff.  The RHA equivalence can then be used in traditional vulnerability assessments.  In the second example, a stochastic analysis was done of an early-initiated normal jet event against a target vehicle to evaluate occupant survivability.  Although Monte Carlo was used to calculate vulnerability, this was representative of a singular, deterministic HK-APS intercept of a threat (Pk given an intercept).  In the third example, an additional layer of stochastic analysis evaluated probability of intercept, accounting for circle error probable of a threat as it is intercepted by an APS along a protection hemisphere (Pk given a launch).

Presented by:
Alex Bernardo

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SURVICE Engineering