To get into the holiday spirit, SURVICE employees participated in a variety of holiday events over the past few weeks. Events included gift exchanges, decorating competitions, potlucks, games, and cookie exchanges!

For the holiday office decorating contest, the winners for each category were as follows:

1. Best Original Holiday – DSIAC Library "Christmas Wonderland"

2. Best Creative Decor – Tech Pubs "Candy Land"

3. Best Theme – Stephen Franzoni (CORP) "Legoland"

4. Merriest – DAO "Santa’s Workshop"

5. Best Doors (This category was subbed in due to the "Brightest" category not having any entries) – Kelsea Massingill (GCO) "Frosty’s Baby Picture" and Dwayne Kregel (AAO-MET) "3-D Tree"

Winners get the opportunity to donate money toward a charity of their choice! Thanks to everyone for participating, and a shout out to Megan Simmons for her awesome judging job!