Test and Evaluation (T&E)

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Fact Sheet

Within the Department of Defense (DoD), test and evaluation (T&E) is the process by which a system is assessed for its capabilities and limitations and evaluated for it’s effectiveness, suitability and surviabiity in a mission contect through testing and other data-producing events. 

The SURVICE Engineering Company uses a systems engineering approach to T&E, providing survivability, safety, suitability, and effectiveness test planning, analysis, and documentation support for operational test activities (OTAs), program managers (PMs), and system developers. Our skilled workforce has participated in the T&E of various DoD systems—munitions, aircraft platforms, combat vehicles, and support equipment—and has provided technical expertise in a wide-range of effectiveness, suitability, and survivability disciplines, including ballistic vulnerability and survivability; ballistic lethality; chemical, biological, and radiological contamination survivability; nuclear weapons effects; electromagnetic environmental effects; information assurance; electronic warfare; cyber security and electromagnetic activities; systems safety; and reliability, availability, and maintainability.