SURVICE Fire Works (SFW) is a dedicated team that is equipped with the tools and expertise to better understand, assess, test, and mitigate the fire threat to military and commercial platforms and facilities.

SURVICE has a team of uniquely qualified engineering and computing specialists—as well as an array of customized tools, such as the widely used DoD Fire Prediction Model (FPM)—to address the complex threat of fire to military and commercial vehicles and facilities, specifically focusing on prediction, protection, and mitigation.

Studies and Analysis (S&A)

Providing analysis and design support capabilities through the application of traditional fire predictive techniques and advanced computer models, such as the Fire Prediction Model (FPM).

Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E)

Providing comprehensive fire test and evaluation services through researching, planning, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting to ensure the test goals are defined and met.

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Development

Developing, enhancing, and validating fire engineering methodologies, architectures, algorithms, and visualization tools to better assess fire and visualize the effects.

SFW Applicability

SURVICE Fire Works provides a unique capability and impartiality when designing, assessing, testing, and then recommending technologies and procedures to mitigate the fire threat. This impartiality offers several advantages, and it enables the SURVICE Fire Works team to serve in many different roles, including:

  • Performing design and trade studies
  • Evaluating system and mitigation products
  • Preparing state-of-the-art summaries
  • Scoping test efforts for feasibility and goals
  • Developing test and instrumentation plans
  • Supporting the construction of test articles
  • Investigating smoke toxicity effects
  • Defining and documenting M&S requirements
  • Developing methodology, algorithms, and code
  • Creating data pre- and post-processors
  • Developing visualization tools to study results
  • Conducting independent software VV&A
  • Documenting and reporting
  • Serving as the customer advocate

Why Come to SURVICE Fire Works For Assistance?

SURVICE has a proven track record in system survivability. We have improved vehicle survivability for all the Services and the major manufacturers of land, sea, and air weapon platforms. Our strong and continued growth is due primarily to repeat business resulting from delivering new ideas and quality services, deriving and applying unique system engineering approaches, and ultimately increasing the system survivability. SURVICE is experienced in all phases of design and acquisition. For more than 30 years, we have provided expertise in all phases of survivability, including requirements, concepts, design analysis, trade studies, and test & evaluation for many military platforms. With that experience and corporate knowledge, we can often foresee the impacts of requirements and analysis before detailed rework is required. SURVICE is serious about fire. With the establishment of the Fire Works team, we have invested significant internal funds to improve fire evaluation methods and approaches. Our customers clearly recognize our expertise and support our dedicated focus to understanding and then mitigating the effects of fire. This is proven by our continued growth and diversification of the SFW team.