Leveraging the latest technologies to provide innovative solutions for today's toughest problems.

SURVICE is a leader in the R&D of high-performance and embedded computing techniques for high-fidelity simulation and modeling, real-time data analysis, and unmanned autonomous systems projects across the DoD and within industry.  As a result of our leadership in pushing high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU) computing into domains of interest to DoD organizations, our Applied Technology Operation (ATO) was accredited as an NVIDIA GPU Research Center in 2013.  Our R&D work leverages high-performance massively parallel and heterogenous computing architectures, both large-scale and embedded, to enable the next generation of DoD applications.


The expertise at ATO encompasses core areas such as high-performance computing, embedded systems, modern ray tracing, machine learning, and computer vision.  Our knowledge in these fields enable new—and better performing—mission-critical capabilities in physics-based simulation and modeling; in real-time data capture, processing, and analysis; and in next-generation unmanned autonomous systems.  We actively pursue leading-edge R&D in all of these areas, and we continue to publish our research results whenever possible, to serve in various academic, industrial, and governmental communities, and to release selected projects into the open source community.  These efforts broaden the impact of our high-performance and embedded computing technologies in areas of interest to the DoD and beyond.