Though the idea of a personal military hovercraft-type vehicle is not new, the recent revolution in low-cost, low-power computer technology; high-efficiency motors; and composite materials has helped turn this idea into reality.

SURVICE partners with leading edge companies around the world to develop and deliver innovative disruptive new technologies. Our work in UAS development and testing is an example of providing new game-changing capabilities to the warfighter for transportation and logistics. The Tactical Resupply Vehicle (TRV) family of drones, developed in collaboration with UK-based Malloy Aeronautics represents field-proven capability at tactically significant payloads and ranges.

TRV Objectives

  • Objective capabilities: 50-400+ lbs load capacity
  • Battery-powered
  • Multi-fuel engine (option)
  • Multi-role autonomous unmanned missions Focus on assured logistics resupply in tactical environment
  • Augmentation of existing assets for “last mile” logistics for assured resupply

TRV Platforms

  • TRV-80
  • TRV-150
  • TRV-300
  • TRV-400 (In development)

Ongoing Spiral Development Efforts

  • Military COTS Transition – Increase hardening while maintaining low-cost COTS subcomponents
  • Spiral Technology Development – Continuous improvement and evolution of tactical capabilities
  • Autonomy – Develop/enhance autonomous operations and supporting technologies
  • Vehicle Intelligence – Enable ground (GCE) Marine operators
  • Interface Standardization – Establish platform-agnostic interface standards to streamline payload integration
  • Testing & Evaluation – Validate/refine performance with warfighter involvement


  • Unmanned Logistics Systems-AIR (ULS-A)

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