SURVICE Engineering has over 40 years of experience in supporting the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and industry with specialty engineering services and design expertise. Our Applied Technology Operation (ATO) focuses on leading-edge research and development across engineering disciplines. We tap into our company’s extensive science and technology bench and collaborate with industry, academic, and government partners to develop and deliver innovative, disruptive next-generation technologies to the Warfighter.

Game-Changing Capabilities

Our work in unmanned aircraft systems development and testing is an example of providing new game-changing capabilities to the Warfighter for transportation and logistics to reduce the need for convoy and manned air drops of supplies.

World-class Industrial Design

Our Industrial Design and Robotics Team has experience in a broad range of hardware and software technologies, allowing us to develop and fabricate tailored solutions to meet unique end-user requirements.

Advanced Computing and Cyber Technologies

SURVICE is the only small business in the world to be accredited by NVIDIA as a GPU Research Center. We leverage this expertise to develop custom, highly optimized software implementing neural networks and machine-learning technologies across a broad spectrum of applications, such as computer vision techniques to automate drone operations.

We have also developed and implemented NIST-approved secure and global communications to conduct and oversee operations anywhere in the world. 

Drone Research Facility

ATO’s new 15,000 ft2 drone facility supports development and testing of the latest in unmanned multirotor platforms and integration of custom payloads and autonomous technologies. It supports advanced prototyping capabilities, including custom electronics, high-performance computing, and the latest in virtual reality and augmented reality visualization. While specifically targeting tactical applications supporting the DoD, many of the developed and integrated technologies range from military to commercial applications. 

The facility is FAA COA certified for Group 3 VTOL flights (120 acres at an altitude of 400 ft). Because it is co-located at the Harford County Airport, SURVICE has access to dedicated flight space for operating our drones, enabling us to conduct flight testing in a secure and safe space. 


The TRV family of drones, developed in collaboration with UK-based Malloy Aeronautics, represents field-proven capability at tactically-significant payloads and ranges.

    Ongoing Spiral Development Efforts

    • Military Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Transition – Increase hardening while maintaining low-cost COTS subcomponents 
    • Spiral Technology Development – Continuously improve and evolve tactical capabilities 
    • Autonomy – Develop/enhance autonomous operations and supporting technologies 
    • Vehicle Intelligence – Enable ground combat element Marine operators 
    • Interface Standardization – Establish interface standards to streamline payload integration 
    • Testing & Evaluation – Validate/refine performance with Warfighter involvement