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From the ground up, TurboPK was built for speed. Calculations that once took hours can now be performed in mere minutes or even seconds, providing analysts and decision-makers with the flexibility to explore many “what if” scenarios. 

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TurboPK is a fast, powerful computer survivability/ vulnerability analysis program.

The program is used to simulate and analyze kinetic energy (KE) weapons effects, including armor-piercing projectiles, fragments from exploding munitions, and air blast. It runs on both Windows and Linux platforms and features a clean and easy-touse interface, enabling most new users to be performing full analysis work with less than an hour of instruction. 

Principle Users

TurboPK puts survivability analysis into the hands of a wide variety of users, including:

Key Features & Options

  • PK
  • Required amount of rolled homogeneous armor (RHA)
  • Impact speed or mass on vulnerable components
  • Fixed height-of-burst (HOB)
  • Burst-point grid (mean area of effectiveness)
  • Single point-burst analysis
  • Batch operations


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