DoD IACs Operation

DoD IACs Operation


The Information Analysis Center’s (IAC’s) services span across 22 technical focus areas, each critical to the needs of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and mapped to one of the three corresponding primary domain areas:  Defense Systems, Cybersecurity and Information Systems, and Homeland Defense and Security. The IAC Operation was established to provide a variety of information research and analysis products and services in support of the DoD and other federal government agencies.  It comprises scientists, engineers, researchers, analysts, and information specialists.  Work activities fold around three primary mission areas:  scientific and technical information collection and curation; information research and analysis; and scientific and technical information dissemination to include scientific and technical community outreach and IAC awareness promotion.

Research analysis products examples include state-of-the-art reports, webinars, journals, news digests, and technical databases, while services include responses to technical inquiries, document requests, literature searches, and networking with the DoD science and technology subject matter experts.  The IAC Operation also performs specialized task orders and extended technical inquiries for the DoD.

Aberdeen Operation Building

DoD IACs Operation

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