Aberdeen Area Operation

Aberdeen Area Operation


What is now known as the Aberdeen Area Operation was the initial, single technical operation of SURVICE created in 1981. As expansion occurred, other area operations grew out of this initial group. In 1998, the Aberdeen Area Operation became a standalone operation as other area operations were created. It is located in Belcamp, Maryland, and is currently staffed with 66 employees.
Since its inception, the Aberdeen Area Operation has undergone many transitional changes. The initial operation started with the main focus of test and evaluation of ballistic and nonballistic survivability but has expanded to include several other focus areas such as chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive; cybersecurity; and positioning, navigation, and timing. In addition, the Aberdeen Area Operation has grown in capability areas such as metrology (providing precision dimensional metrology), modeling, and related services. It has also gained experience supporting additional capabilities areas such as analysis of alternatives, quick reaction tests and/or joint tests, and battle damage methodology development.

Aberdeen Operation Building

Aberdeen Area Operation

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