Chesapeake Robotics Operation

Chesapeake Robotics Operation


The Chesapeake Robotics Operation was initially formed as a separate and dedicated operation to focus on expediting the development and fielding of new technologies, or operationalizing science.  It was established to focus on leading-edge research and development areas that span engineering disciplines by tapping into the company’s extensive science and technology bench and collaborating with industry, academic, and government partners to develop disruptive next-generation technologies and by expediting taking these technologies from early research and development to production.  Facilities have been expanded to include multiple buildings totaling over 25,000 sq ft at the Harford Airport just outside the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in Maryland.  The Applied Technology Operation also operates a Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Waiver or Authorization at the same location, which represents a 120-acre sandbox to fly large, experimental unmanned aircraft system platforms.


Chesapeake Robotics Operation

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