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SURVICE possesses a wide array of in-house specialized technologies that complement our core business areas.

Electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing

Electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing (eVTOL)

The eVTOL family of drones, developed in collaboration with UK-based Malloy Aeronautics, represents field-proven capability at tactically-significant payloads and ranges.

Our work in UAS development and testing is an example of providing the Warfighter with new game-changing capabilities for transportation and logistics to reduce the need for convoy and manned air drops of supplies.

Our Industrial Design and Robotics Team has experience in a broad range of hardware and software technologies, allowing us to develop and fabricate tailored solutions to meet unique end-user requirements.

SURVICE develops custom, highly optimized software implementing neural networks and machine-learning technologies across a broad spectrum of applications, such as computer vision techniques to automate drone operations.

eVTOL Objectives



TurboPK is a fast, powerful computer survivability/ vulnerability analysis program that is used to simulate and analyze kinetic energy (KE) weapons effects.

The program runs on both Windows and Linux platforms and features a clean and easy-to-use interface, enabling most new users to be performing full analysis work with less than an hour of instruction.

Using probability of kill (PK) as a design parameter, TurboPK can accommodate thousands of scenarios with interactive response times.

Some key features include the following:



SURVICE Metrology provides innovative and integrated dimensional inspection services, reverse engineering, 3-D modeling, and metrology application development.

SURVICE Metrology is a world-class business unit of the SURVICE Engineering Company that provides full-service dimensional inspection services, modeling, custom-engineered solutions, and advanced research and development capabilities in the field of metrology.

SURVICE Metrology’s wide range of capabilities includes:

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