ARGUS™ Featured in MarineNews Magazine

In the 2013 September issue of MarineNews, writer Joe Keefe features SURVICE’s Autonomous Remote Global Underwater Surveillance (ARGUS™) technology and provides an update on its development and application.  Most notably, since the magazine first reported on the system in December 2011, Keefe notes that ARGUS™ was successfully patented in April 2013 and that it has been deployed and tested on more than 40 volunteer boats, acquiring more than 100 million soundings thus far.  The resulting data, which are automatically collected and transmitted without the need for any crew intervention, have provided users with current important information (particularly depth information) on inland waterways at a fraction of the cost and time required for traditional collection methods.  Keefe concludes that ARGUS™ is a valuable tool with “unlimited potential” that could change the way government agencies schedule surveys and dredging and commercial and recreational mariners “take advantage of the depth sounder on the boat in front of them.”

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