SURVICE Press Release on BAE Systems’ Acquisition of Malloy Aeronautics


SURVICE is excited to reaffirm our commitment and strategic alliance with Malloy Aeronautics (now a wholly owned subsidiary of BAE Systems) to bring their eVTOL technology to the US Department of Defense.  The SURVICE-Malloy team’s Tactical Resupply Vehicle (TRV) is built upon the Malloy Aeronautics T-series unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) and is currently in production under the NAVAIR Tactical Resupply UAS (TRUAS) program.  BAE provides the depth, infrastructure, and manufacturing expertise to more quickly ramp up production to meet the growing demand within the US DoD.  While the existing SURVICE-Malloy partnership continues, it is now strengthened with the addition of BAE, opening new opportunities to expand our collective portfolio.

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