SURVICE’s Karl Putz (ARO) and Matt Perini (PMC) came in first and second place for this year’s company team challenge for Bike to Work Week. Karl biked 150.10 miles in 12 hr 20 min, and Matt biked 137.10 in 9 hr 50 min!

SURVICE would also like to recognize Tim Farmer (ARO) and Mike Ray (CORP), who fought tooth and nail for the coveted “most honest” prize. For their “efforts,” they are awarded bragging rights for a year until the next challenge.

This year’s event was much different than last year, as it was virtual and did not include pit stops. Participants were asked to log in how many minutes or miles they biked, with two winners receiving a $50 gift card (one for most minutes biked and one for the most miles biked).

Congratulations to Karl and Matt and all the SURVICE employees who participated!

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