We are always pleased when our employees describe their experiences here at SURVICE. We are especially excited when it reflects a supportive work environment, which we strive so hard to achieve. In an effort to reveal the employees behind our company, SURVICE will be sharing some of those experiences with you.

Today, Dwayne Kregel describes his thoughts on working at SURVICE. Thank you, Dwayne, for being a part of the SURVICE family!

“When I get out in the community, people find out that I work for SURVICE, and are like, ‘Oh you work for SURVICE? That’s a great company.’ I think that’s a cool thing–that a lot of people really know and really like our company. And it is just a theme that is always repeated to me, and I’m proud to be a part of SURVICE. It is a beautiful company.” -Dwayne Kregel, BRL-CAD Geometry Team Lead

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