Greg Thompson promoted to SURVICE’s new president

Congratulations to Greg Thompson for being promoted to SURVICE’s new president.  A 1988 University of Maryland graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering, Mr. Thompson has been with SURVICE since 1989. Prior to joining the company, he worked at the U.S. Army Ballistics Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, where he researched, developed, tested, and evaluated armor solutions for combat vehicles, including defeat of armor piercing projectiles, shaped charge jets, and explosively formed penetrators. He also served in the U.S. Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves, retiring after 20 years serving as a C-130 Aircraft Commander and a combat damage assessor with the Joint Combat Assessment Team.

Greg has held numerous management positions within SURVICE, including managing the Aberdeen Area Operation, supporting Joint Live Fire and Live Fire Test and Evaluation programs, and conducting vulnerability and lethality studies and analyses. 

As SURVICE’s new President and Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Thompson will oversee all company technical operations as well as corporate business development activities.

We wish Greg much success in his new position and look forward to him leading SURVICE in new challenges and successes that lie ahead.

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