Jeff Foulk Awarded NMTC Visionary of the Year

On April 22, Jeff Foulk, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SURVICE, was awarded the NMTC Visionary of the Year during the NMTC Awards Gala.

“Being honored with the Visionary Award means a lot to me personally as my father, Jim Foulk, was the first to accept the Visionary Award 10 years ago.  To be able to follow in his footsteps and for him to be here tonight to see this is pretty special for both of us.  It was my father who started SURVICE Engineering nearly 40 years ago and installed the culture, integrity, and innovative spirit in all of us at SURVICE.  

I am proud of what we’ve accomplished as a company and the impact we’ve had on the community we’re part of.  And I’m very excited to see how some of the new technologies we’re working on right now will impact not only the Warfighter but possibly the sports industry and other facets of everyday life.

Congratulations to all the honorees here tonight, and on their behalf, I’d like to again thank NMTC and everyone that has joined us.”  -Jeff Foulk, CEO

This video segment was produced by and created for the annual awards event.

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