NAVAIR recently conducted a demonstration to senior U.S. Navy leadership using the Tactical Resupply Vehicle (TRV) as part of the Tactical Resupply UAS (TRUAS) program.  The TRV is the result of a collaboration between SURVICE Engineering and Malloy Aeronautics to explore the use of large multirotor technology to enhance assured logistical resupply.  Mark Butkiewicz, VP of Applied Engineering at SURVICE Engineering, said, “This 100% Marine-operated demonstration represents the culmination of years of work in collaboration with our UK partner, Malloy Aeronautics, and the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps to ruggedize the platform and streamline how a UAV might be used at the forward most edge of the battlefield; and it is an important milestone in the development of the platform.”  Oriol Badia, CEO of Malloy Aeronautics, said, “Our partnership with SURVICE Engineering has allowed us to expedite development and get our world-class UAV technology into the hands of U.S. and allied country warfighters.”

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