StingRay™ RF Simulation Model Announced at Supercomputing 2014

In collaboration with Intel Corporation, SURVICE announced a new radio frequency (RF) simulation model, called StingRay™ v1.0, at the Supercomputing 2014 (SC14) conference in New Orleans, LA, November 16­­–21, 2014.  The model is an interactive environment for RF simulation and visualization that leverages the power of Intel’s Xeon processor family and the latest in Intel’s highly optimized software kernels to provide unprecedented performance.

StingRay™ uses RF ray tracing (RFRT), which offers several advantages over traditional RF simulation methods, to provide flexible visual analysis of RF propagation characteristics.  This analysis is critical to planning, analyzing, and optimizing wireless communication networks.  The model achieves high-performance RF simulation by leveraging Intel’s Embree ray tracing kernels, and Intel’s OSPRay rendering engine provides high-fidelity visualization of the resulting data.  These software technologies, combined with Intel Xeon family processors, enable interactive combined simulation and visualization of RF energy propagation in an immersive environment, providing RF analysts with the ability to quickly identify phenomena of interest.

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