SURVICE Contributes to a Successful Test of Electromagnetic (EM) Railgun

SURVICE has been supporting the Air Warfare and Naval Weapons Application Division of the Office of Naval Research in its development and operation of EM railgun equipment at its Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) facility in Dahlgren, VA.  SURVICE is providing expedited, high-precision dimensional inspection and reverse engineering services to produce a 3-D CAD surface model of a 12-inch section of the interior of the EM railgun barrel.  This support includes using state-of-the-art coherent laser radar (CLR) scanning equipment and novel mirror-based measurement techniques to provide highly accurate, complete, and efficient data collection and measurements.  The raw 3-D point cloud from the collected data and resultant 3-D CAD model will serve as a 3-D profilometry model, which will be further analyzed by the customer.

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