SURVICE Employees Volunteer in a Wheelchair Costume Workshop

On Friday and Saturday, October 28 and 29, SURVICE employees participated in a Wheelchair Costume Workshop. This workshop took place at Mt. Zion Church in Bel Air and was organized by the Harford County Government’s Office of Disability Services and Commission on Disabilities. This is the third year for this event and the third time that SURVICE participated.

The Wheelchair Costume Workshop enables children with disabilities to have their dream costume specially designed just for them by teams of volunteers.

This year’s SURVICE team consisted of Herb Miller, Chris Cosgrove, Dwayne Kregel, and Becca Trout. They were supported by a host of fellow members of the community who showed up to volunteer. The SURVICE team was assigned to make costumes for Audrey and MJ. Audrey was dressing as half-human/half-alien Addison from the movie Zombies 3. Her costume included a Mothership that was “beaming” her up into space. And the team built a spaceship for MJ, who dressed as Buzz Lightyear. His spaceship included lots of cool lights and buttons that help him sound like Buzz and also say “Trick or Treat!”

It was great to see their reactions to their costumes, and the SURVICE team certainly delivered!

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