Belcamp, MD – In May, as part of the company’s “Going Green” initiative, SURVICE had 390 solar panels installed on the roof of its Aberdeen Area Operation (AAO) building in Belcamp, MD.  Each 42-lb panel measures approximately 3 ft by 5½ ft and produces approximately 250 watts of DC power (at Standard Test Conditions).  The power is then converted to AC power by an inverter.  Collectively, the panels cover an area of approximately 16,000 ft2 and are expected to produce 114,066 kWh per year for the nearly 100-person operation.  This energy will eliminate approximately 40% of the operation’s electrical demand on the power grid and will reduce its carbon footprint by 59 tons per year.

The month-long installation project, which was funded in part by a Maryland state grant, was conducted by EnerActive, a full-service energy consulting, engineering, and development firm headquartered in Asbury Park, NJ.  EnerActive, which has completed similar projects both nationally and internationally, is also installing a weather station on the building to validate the performance of the new system as it relates to current environmental conditions.  The real-time data will be accessible online and will also be fed to the flat-panel display in the AAO lobby.

Congratulations to AAO for being one of the area’s forerunners in solar-generated power and in doing its part to reduce its energy consumption and support the environment.

For more pictures of the project, visit our Facebook page.

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