SURVICE-Malloy Team Awarded U.S. Navy UAS Production Contract



SURVICE Engineering, partnered with Malloy Aeronautics, was awarded a production contract with the Navy and Marine Corps Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems program office (i.e., PMA-263) to produce nearly two hundred Tactical Resupply Vehicle (TRV) aircraft.  This contract is the result of the SURVICE-Malloy team taking first place in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Tactical Resupply Unmanned Aircraft System (TRUAS) fly-off competition at the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona in 2020.

“This award represents a success story in the transition of technology from U.S. research laboratories into the hands of our warfighters,” said Mark Butkiewicz, Vice President of Applied Engineering at SURVICE Engineering. “Working in collaboration with the Marine Corps Warfighter Lab and the US Army Futures Command, we have been able to accelerate the timeline of developing and fielding new technology.  We started with an established and proven product from Malloy Aeronautics and integrated the necessary tech to provide additional tactical functionality for the US warfighter.  We then worked with research labs to conduct field experiments with warfighters to refine the use of autonomous unmanned multirotor drones to augment logistical operations at the forward most edge of the battlefield.”

Chris Malloy, founder of Malloy Aeronautics said, “We’ve been collaborating with SURVICE to bring our drone technology to the U.S. military, and this award represents a major step in bringing our award-winning VTOL technology to U.S. warfighters.”

Under the TRUAS program, the TRV will provide essential resupply to warfighters in contested environments. This capability will reduce the number of troops put in harm’s way while assuring logistics resupply to the forward deployed warfighter.

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SURVICE Engineering is a Maryland-based specialty engineering firm focused on supporting research, development, testing and evaluation for the U.S. Department of Defense and Federal agencies.

Malloy Aeronautics ( is a U.K.-based firm specializing in custom, high-performance VTOL platforms for both military and commercial application

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