SURVICE President, Kris Keller, Retires

It is with mixed emotions that we congratulate our former President Kris Keller on his retirement. A 1983 Georgia Tech graduate with a degree in industrial engineering, Mr. Keller has been with SURVICE since 1987. Prior to joining the company, he worked at the U.S. Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity at Aberdeen Proving Ground as a survivability engineer, where he was responsible for survivability test, design, and evaluation of Army combat support systems.

As SURVICE‚Äôs president, Kris oversaw all aspects of both business and technical operations within the company. Part of this responsibilities included establishing and overseeing company goals, budgets, process development and improvement, and operating policies and procedures. He held numerous technical and operations management positions at SURVICE, including Chief Operations Officer. Prior to his executive leadership, he supported vulnerability analysis as well as Joint Live Fire and Live Fire Test and Evaluation programs. Kris has been integral in managing the company’s operational, geographic, personnel, and fiscal growth. His management style helped mold SURVICE into the family-oriented atmosphere it is today, with loyal, dedicated people. Congratulations, Kris, you will be greatly missed–we wish you all the best in your retirement years!

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