SURVICE Sponsors and Participates in Texas Defense Innovation Forum Speed to Capability Panel Session

On Monday, May 20, at the Capital Factory in Austin, TX, SURVICE employees Mark Butkiewicz (Applied Technology Operation Manager) and Ted Welsh (DSIAC Director) participated in a panel session focused on “Speed to Capability.” The panel, which included reps from DoD and academia, fielded wide-ranging questions from the audience and moderator.  Topics included the state of DoD innovation, expedient contract mechanisms, and lessons learned. Panelists also gave examples of current projects bringing new capability to DoD customers. 

SURVICE  provided a static display of the Tactical Resupply Vehicle (TRV) 80, which is an octo-rotor VTOL drone that provides 50 lbs of payload capacity. TRV-80 development and testing are currently funded by multiple customers under a multi-year Joint Capability Technology Demonstration Program effort.

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