Metrology Service

Hydro-Electric Power Generation Support

SURVICE Metrology has extensive experience in providing dimensional measurement services for hydro-electric power plants throughout the United States and Canada. This work has included verifying rotor dimensions, developing stator construction procedures, and inspecting turbine pits using our photogrammetry and laser tracking methods.

  • SURVICE Metrology personnel were among the first to introduce laser trackers into the hydroelectric industry.
  • In addition, our personnel pioneered the use of photogrammetry in the industry.
  • We have a very solid reputation in the hydroelectric industry and have returned year by year to many sites until all units have been refurbished.
  • SURVICE Metrology has provided precision measurements to support the installation of serveral new hydroelectric unit installations.
  • These installations often require working outdoors; exposed to the elements, sometimes at night to minimize differential thermal expansion of the parts being installed.
  • Our personnel have provided precision measurements for the installation of several units on the Ohio River as well as the Holtwood Powerplant in southern PA.
  • A SURVICE Metrology personnel are trained to efficiently and accurately measure generator components such as stators and rotors.
  • We are also highly experienced at the measurement of turbine components, including:
    • checking shaft for verticality
    • verifying wicket gate locations
    • setting of the wicket gate opening mechanism.
  • We also specialize in the measurement of turbine blades, both in and out of the unit, providing a very useful comparison with CAD if required.
  • Scan data post-processing.
  • All SURVICE personnel are experienced at key bar installation.
  • SURVICE has developed a proprietary method for the keybar placement which greatly assists welders and allows for fast and efficient alignment of the keybars.
  • If you have existing procedures that have worked well for you in the past, we will work with you to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.
  • SURVICE Metrology personnel introduced digital photogrammetry, as a supplement to laser tracker measurements, to the hydroelectric industry.
  • This measurement technique requires only a digital camera, computer, scale bars and targets. When employed by our experts, the system is capable of very similar accuracy to the laser tracker.
  • The system can be employed for any measurement but is particularly useful for the final core measurement as it is much easier to ship to remote sites than a laser tracker.
  • Once the turbine components have been removed, measurement of the remaining embedded components is often required.
  • All SURVICE Metrology personnel are experienced at capturing these component measurements both with laser trackers and photogrammetry and making sure that¬† the measurements are correctly aligned to gravity.
  • We will safely and efficiently work with your crane operator and man basket, if required.¬†
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