Metrology Service

Measurement Services

With years of experience collecting geometric data on a wide range of applications, we understand the processes and requirements for effective measurement.  We keep abreast of metrology industry’s latest trends and technologies and have assembled a comprehensive toolkit of both contact and noncontact measurement equipment and supporting software to meet our customers’ unique needs.  Regardless of an object’s size or complexity, we have the experience and capability to scan, digitize, measure, and model it.

  • SURVICE Metrology has completed dozens of full-vehicle reverse engineering efforts for all branches of the DoD, and hundreds of part-to-CAD reverse engineering efforts.
  • SURVICE Metrology has provided laser tracker and photogrammetry measurement support to over 100 hydroelectric power generation unit refurbishments. 
  • Recent custom solutions developed for customers include:
    • The Enhanced Coherent Laser Scanner which uses photogrammetry to align the CLR with the tool. This enhancement greatly simplifies the CLR operation, reducing the operator interaction to pressing a single button.
    • Hawkeye, a time of flight scanner, which leverages COTS components and custom software for a cost effective, accurate and robust hand-held measurement device.
  • Other achievements include the development of an autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for the military.
  • SURVICE Metrology has extensive experience in measuring parts from a millimeter to hundreds of meters in size. Our expertize includes:
    • Antenna dish measurement
    • Turbine blade cooling holes
    • Historical artifacts for museums
    • Hydroelectric power-plant measurements 
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