The story of SURVICE began in 1981 in the basement of the Maryland home of Nancy and Jim Foulk. Jim had been a leading aircraft vulnerability analyst in government and industry, and the small business was founded to provide its customers with specialized survivability services—hence, the name SURVICE. It didn’t take long, however, for the company to outgrow its first office and expand its capabilities in many areas of air, ground, and sea system support.

Although the company looks much different today than it did in 1981, as we’ve grown, we’ve worked hard to retain the original vision upon which the company was founded.

  • Wheel Road Location

    Engineer Jim Foulk leaves his job at Science Applications Inc. to build his own vulnerability business - SURVICE Associates. Within a few months, the business is incorporated and operations begin in Jim's basement on Wheel Road, Bel Air, MD.

  • Dave Fansler

    Airframe designer and helicopter vulnerability expert Dave Fansler joins the “basement operation” as SURVICE’s first non-Foulk employee, shortly after Jim's wife Nancy Foulk joins the company.

  • Pennsylvania Ave Location

    SURVICE moves from Jim's basement to an office building on Pennsylvania Avenue, Bel Air, MD. Later that year, Jim's son Jeff joins the business.

  • SURVIAC Logo

    Partnered with Booz Allen Hamilton, SURVICE is awarded the Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center (SURVIAC) contract, one of the largest defense contracts ever managed from the Dayton, OH, area. 

  • Nancy Foulk

    In support of the new SURVIAC contract, Jim Foulk leaves SURVICE to become Deputy SURVIAC Manager for Booz Allen Hamilton in Dayton, OH. He promotes his wife Nancy to replace him as president of SURVICE.

  • BRL logo

    SURVICE wins its first major prime contract to conduct vulnerability research and development for ground vehicles at the U.S. Army Ballistics Research Laboratory (BRL), Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Later that year, SURVICE acquires the rights to...

  • Aberdeen Location

    SURVICE moves its operation from Bel Air, MD, to a business center on Cranberry Run in Aberdeen, MD. Later that year, it wins the JTCG/ME contract, the largest thus far for the company.

  • surviac office

    After winning a new SURVIAC contract the previous year, SURVICE establishes a satellite office in Aberdeen, MD.

  • composites

    After starting this project, SURVICE goes on to support a number of SBIR and Small Business Technology Transfer activities. As a prime, the company supported 34 Phase I’s and 14 Phase II’s. Through these programs, a number of novel solutions were...

  • DAO Building

    SURVICE establishes a new office in Dayton, OH. The office continues to provide support to Wright-Patterson AFB tenants and customers alike. As the second oldest operation, Dayton has grown to possess a number of specialized capabilities to include...

  • AAO Construction

    SURVICE relocates and upgrades its Aberdeen office to a brand new facility in Belcamp, MD. At the prior location of an old soldier shoe factory called Bata, a new corporate park was constructed just miles from Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.  That same...

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    SURVICE opens its Valparaiso, FL (now Fort Walton Beach), and Lexington Park, MD, offices supporting Eglin Air Force Base and the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division and Naval Air Systems Command, respectively.

  • Corporate Office

    Just a few feet from its Aberdeen Area Operation office, SURVICE opens its corporate office in Belcamp, MD.

  • Metrology Logo

    SURVICE acquires the dimensional Metrology Measurement Services Division of Pennsylvania-based Accurex Measurement, Inc., providing a full range of metrology equipment and services to its Metrology department. 

  • Applied Technology Operation Building

    SURVICE creates its Applied Technology Operation, which focuses on leading-edge research and development across engineering disciplines by tapping into the company's extensive science and technology bench and collaborating with industry, academic...

  • PMC

    SURVICE acquires PMC, Inc., in Socorro, NM, which specializes in scientific software—specifically, the simulation of weapon effects and development of survivability/vulnerability (S/V) simulations. The PMC acquisition enhanced the company's existing...

  • WAO Office

    SURVICE establishes a new office in Woodbridge, VA. Since then, the office has relocated to the Dumfries area but continues to provide support to various U.S. Marine Corps and Joint Service customers.

  • MAO Office

    SURVICE establishes its Warren, MI, office, which has since relocated to the Troy area but remains focused on supporting the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command and the Combat Capabilities Development Command (formerly known as TARDEC).

  • Water's Edge Ground-Breaking

    SURVICE hosts the official ground-breaking ceremony for its new corporate office building and events center at the Water’s Edge Corporate Campus. The event boasted numerous state and local officials, as well as campus tenants, who came out to support...

  • SURVICE Corporate Headquarters

    SURVICE moves its corporate operations to the second floor of the Water’s Edge Event Center in Belcamp, MD. The office is now located at 4687 Millennium Drive, which is directly behind the company's previous office and right next to its Aberdeen Area...

  • Albuquerque, NM office

    SURVICE opens a new office in Albuquerque, NM. The new location put the company closer to its Kirtland Air Force Base customers, including the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate and Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center.

  • Ground-Breaking Ceremony at ATO Facility

    SURVICE officially broke ground on its new Drone Research Facility in Aldino, MD.  The new facility will house the company's Applied Technology Operation and support the development and testing of the latest in unmanned multirotor platforms and...