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Service Then

With over 22 years of service, I have completed two tours in Iraq and two peace-keeping missions—one in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the other in Kosovo. My home stations included Fort Hood, TX; Fort Campbell, KY; Darmstadt, Germany; Edgewood Arsenal, MD; Fort Bragg, NC; Schofield Barracks, HI; and Fort Lee, VA. I was an enlisted soldier from 1996 to 2003 and went from an E-2 to an E-6 (Staff Sergeant). During that time, I served as an avionics radar repairman. I was responsible for the maintenance and readiness of all rotary wing aircraft survivability equipment. Some of the equipment I maintained included infrared, heat-seeking countermeasures, night vision systems, navigation systems, and many other avionic systems.

While serving in Iraq in 2003, I was selected to become a Warrant Officer (WO). As an Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer (948B), my role and responsibilities expanded from avionics to all electronics and communication systems across the Army. As a WO, I was privileged to serve in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC); Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives (CBRNE) Command; and various Signal and Communications Commands.

My final assignment allowed me to serve as a Capability Developer (CAPDEV) in the Integrated Logistics Support Division at the Sustainment Center of Excellence at Fort Lee. As a CAPDEV, I worked closely with the acquisition community and materiel developers to ensure logistics supportability and logistics readiness for fielding Army combat systems. I assessed Joint Capabilities Integration Development System documents to identify requirements in training, force structure, and equipment supportability. I worked with program offices to develop life cycle support strategies and maintenance support plans and participated in numerous logistics demonstrations and technical manual verifications.

I retired from active duty on 31 March 2019 as a Chief Warrant Officer Four (CW4), with 22 years and 9 months of honorable service. During that time, I completed my bachelor’s in cybersecurity policies and master’s in cybersecurity technologies.

Army Active-Duty Service

June–August 1996
Basic Training, Fort Jackson, SC

August–March 1997
Advanced Individual Training, Fort Gordon, GA

March 1997–July 2000
1st Cavalry Division
Avionics Radar Repairman, Fort Hood, TX

September 1998─March 1999
Lead Technician, Rotary Wing Avionics
Bosnia-Herzegovina Stabilization Force North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) support

August 2000─June 2004
101st Airborne Division
Maintenance Supervisor for Rotary Wing Avionics, Fort Campbell, KY

May 2001─November 2001
Maintenance Supervisor for Rotary Wing Avionics
Kosovo NATO support

March─May 2003
Operation Iraqi Freedom

July─September 2003
WO Candidate School, Fort Rucker, AL

September–December 2003
WO Basic Course, Red Stone, AL

January–March 2004
WO Technical Training, Fort Gordon, GA

June 2004─July 2007
Battalion Electronic Systems Maintenance WO
32nd Signal Battalion, 22 Signal Brigade
Darmstadt, Germany, Kelly Barracks

October 2005–September 2006
Battalion Electronic System Maintenance WO
32nd Signal Battalion, 22 Signal Brigade
2nd Tour in Iraq

August 2007–December 2010
Senior Electronics Systems Maintenance WO
20th CBRNE Command, G-4
Edgewood Arsenal/Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

January 2011–May 2013
Brigade Electronic Systems Maintenance WO
95th Civil Affairs Brigade, USASOC
Fort Bragg, NC

May 2013–June 2015
Division Electronic Systems Maintenance WO
25th Infantry Division, G-6
Scofield Barracks, HI

July 2015–December 2018
Senior Capabilities Developer
Combined Arms Support Command
Fort Lee, VA

Retired March 31, 2019


As a cybersecurity test and evaluator for Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) at SURVICE’s Aberdeen Area Operation, Kelvin provides cybersecurity test and evaluation for programs in support of the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command Survivability Evaluation Directorate and conducts operational assessments to provide independent early assessment of the operational effectiveness and suitability of DCO systems.

Military Branch:
U.S. Army
Cybersecurity Test & Evaluator Defensive Cyber Operations
Military Title:
Former 948B Electronics Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer U.S. Army
SURVICE Employee Since:
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