SURVICE Supports Joint Mortuary Affairs Center’s Field Training Exercise

Fort Lee, VA — On 9–17 March, SURVICE helped plan, coordinate, and support a field training exercise for the Mortuary Affairs Contaminated Remains Mitigation Site (MACRMS) Quick Reaction Test (QRT).  The exercise, which was proctored by the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command for the Joint Mortuary Affairs Center, was designed to develop, evaluate, and refine tactics, techniques, and procedures used during the operation of the Interim Remains Decontamination System (IRDS).  A total of 39 mortuary affairs soldiers participated in the event, which simulated the recovery and processing of human remains potentially contaminated by chemical weapons or materials.  In addition to providing planning, coordination, and subject-matter expertise for the exercise, SURVICE helped collect data that will be used to assess and validate MACRMS procedures and equipment and update Army training doctrine as necessary.  SURVICE won the MACRMS Joint Test and Evaluation (JT&E) QRT contract as a subcontractor to American Systems in February 2014.

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