For over 5 years, SURVICE has been donating computers to New Covenant Christian School in Abingdon, MD, where CEO Greg Thompson’s kids attend. Over the years, the company has donated over 40 computers, including 10 servers to Harford Tech and computers to The Boys & Girls Club of Harford County.

Every 3 years, SURVICE employees receive a “refresh” computer and send their old computers back to the IT Department. Some of those computers are used as temporary replacements for employees. After 5 years, or if there is a surplus of computers, they are donated. Some with issues, like a missing battery, are automatically donated.

This year, Harford County Public Schools started their school year virtually. Due to the enormous amount of Chromebooks ordered, there was a backorder, and the schools were forced to prioritize who could receive a computer at the beginning of the school year. To help fill in this gap, SURVICE offered their computers designated to be donated to employees who needed them. A few weeks before the start of the school year, an email was sent out surveying employees to determine who needed computers. As a result, the company donated eight additional spare computers to help with virtual schooling for our SURVICE children.

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