SURVICE Metrology Now Offers In-House 3-D Printing Rapid Prototyping

SURVICE Metrology now offers in-house 3-D printing services to provide rapid prototyping and final/finished products. This service uses Object’s Eden250 3-D printer, which prints high-resolution, ultra-thin (16 µm) layers. The printer supports a wide range of colors and materials and has a maximum print size of 260x260x200 mm. Larger single-piece items can be produced as an interlocking assembly whose parts can be fused together to make a single piece. Large moving and nonmoving functional items can also be produced as individual smaller parts and then assembled. Customers are now capable of submitting a request online, and SURVICE’s 3-D modeling, geometric conversion, and reverse engineering staff can then produce completed parts in just a few days. For more information about SURVICE’s 3-D printing capabilities, visit the SURVICE Metrology website.

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