SURVICE Sponsors Workshop at Organization’s First STEM Event

On March 2, 2013, SURVICE sponsored a workshop at the Expanding Your Horizons Southern Maryland (EYH SoMD) organization’s first event, held at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center in California, MD.  EYH SoMD is a local organization dedicated to heightening the awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in 6th– to 8th-grade girls and encouraging them to pursue STEM careers.  The SURVICE-sponsored workshop, called “Shh! I’ve Got a Secret,” discussed the history of cryptography and its role in the world today.  The workshop also gave students a chance to reinforce their knowledge by encoding and decoding sample secret messages with hand-made cipher wheels.

EYH SoMD organizers declared the event a huge success, with registration reaching capacity in 9 days and more than 100 volunteers participating.  In addition, 40% of the students expressed an interest in learning more about STEM careers, and 46% felt encouraged to take more math and science courses.

To find out more about EYH SoMD, click here.

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