These services—which can be performed at our one-of-kind metrology center in northeastern Maryland or by one of our portable field measurement teams at a customer’s site—include reverse engineering, target exploitation, rapid prototyping, dimensional inspection, pre- and post-test damage assessment, 3-D geometric modeling, metrology integration support (for manufacturing and assembly), and metrology tool application and development. Our personnel are experienced not only with the latest in metrology equipment and software but also with combining and customizing these tools to fit specific customer requirements and situations.

Some recent and/or notable metrology efforts that SURVICE has been involved in include:

  • MRAP target exploitation and reverse engineering
  • Dimensional inspection of hydroelectric power plant turbines
  • Microfocus computed tomography (CT) scan of airplane turbine engine blades
  • Pre- and post-test measurement of behind-armor deflection of personal body armor
  • Coherent laser radar (CLR) scan and modeling of a Civil War-era Dahlgren gun for the Mariner’s Museum
  • CLR scan and modeling of a World War I Mark IV tank for the U.S. Army Ordnance Museum
  • CLR scan and modeling of a 19th century artifact for the Smithsonian Institute


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